January 15, 2017

6 Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Facts You Most Likely Don’t Know

Museum Piece

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In the Imperial Museum in  Telvanni city of Tel Vos, on the walls you will find a note saying “Welcome to the Imperial Museum and Library. Please feel free to peruse the exhibits at your leisure, but please do take care around the prisoner. He has been in a terrible mood since we had to cut down his rations after the escape attempt.” It turns out that an Imperial Guard has been imprisoned due to Telvanni fascination towards him due to their lack of contact with the Empire.


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The soundtrack for Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Star Wars the Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) were both composed a year apart by composer Jeremy Soule. Jeremy also went on to compose the soundtracks for Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Elder Scrolls: Online. In total he has composed soundtracks for over 60 video games.


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According to writer and concept-artist Michael Kirkbride, Vivec is inspired by Ardhanarishvara, the transgender servant of the Hindu god Shiva.

The Bigger The Better

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 There is an area in the Grazelands near the Nerano Ancestral Tomb where creatures and beast spawn twice their normal size, it still remains a mystery whether this was done on purpose(which will be a bit random) or whether it was some kind of mistake in the coding.


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There are three locations in the game which you must visit to complete the main quests that are actually named after real Pokemon, The Illunibi Caverns have “Marowak’s Spine”, Urshilaku Burial Chambers have “Kakuna Burial” and Arkngthand has “Weepingbell Hall”.

The Talking Crab

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While you are wondering the east coast of the Azura’s Coast region, you might encounter a talking crab who is the only creature in the game that is able to talk, the crab is also funnily enough the richest trader in the game.

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