January 12, 2017

Top 5 Games That Will Make You Cry

Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption is a great game; great graphics, great gameplay and great storytelling.  The protagonist John Marston has one aim which is to save his family who are being held hostage in return for Marston to work as a hired gun and take down his former gang members. In the end Marston dies in a shootout after being outnumbered and surrounded by the last gang member Ross and his men. The ending is then fast forwarded 3 years later, with Marston’s son Jack standing over the graves of his mother and father. On the bright side Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out in 2017 and it will most likely be a great game, after all it is being developed by Rockstar.

Life Is Strange

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Life Is Strange is a teen drama with a twist which quickly builds a close relationship between the player and the protagonist Maxine Caulfield she meets characters who are there to ruin her life and also other characters she wants to help.

The game is split in 5 episodes with the last two being the saddest.

The Walking Dead (Telltale Games)

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The Walking Dead is developed by Tellttale Games and is separated in episodes too like a T.V series. The game is an adventure game with decision making a very important mechanic. With each desicion you make having an effect on the characters around you and of course finally the ending.


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Firewatch is the only Indie game on this list which is an Indie game. The game is based around the story of Henry who takes a job at a nature reservation at Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming after his wife forgets him after suffering from sever Alzheimer disease and meets his colleague Delilah. Things take an unexpected turn when Henry returns to his Watch Tower only to find it having been broken into things escalated as two girls go missing and they believe there is a serial killer lurking out there. He eventually finds out that the father of a boy that went missing in the sanctuary has been hiding in forest unable to go back to society following his son’s accidental climbing death. elilah states that a rescue helicopter is waiting for him at Thorofare Lookout and he treks there to find Delilah gone, having taken another helicopter. Using the radio equipment, he contacts her one final time and asks when he will see her again. She tells him to go back to his wife and Henry boards a helicopter back home.

Last of Us

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The Last of Us follows the story of Joel and Ellie two survivors of the zombie infection that it plaguing the world as well as fighting government forces who are trying to quell down and dissent among the survivors and continue to extort of what is left. This story is emotional from the beginning with Joel having lost his daughter in the start of the apocalypse and he seems as a very stern and serious figure which is soon broken apart by Ellie’s lovability and spoiler alert at the end of the game scientists find out that Ellie holds the cure to potentially curing the apocalypse, therefore scientists decide that it is a good idea to kill her and extract it from her. Joel initially agrees but at the last minute returns wrecking havoc every where.

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