January 12, 2017

5 Secondary Characters Better Than The Main Characters

Captain Price – Call of Duty Modern Warfare

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Captain Price is the favorite character of many COD veterans, in fact he is more well knowned then the protaginist Soap MacTavish. Captain Price feels much more relatable and down to earth than the other characters in the game. It may be the thick British accent or just lush beard.

Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

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Elizabeth the ruler to be is a very interesting character and we were lucky to get to play as her in Bioshock Infinite for a limited time, her character is well adapted and a complete breath of fresh air from the protagonist Booker DeWitt. The player is forced to take a more stealthy and diplomatic approach, with the player more likely to opt for the non-lethal options. She was actually nearly axed from the game during development because developers believed that it wasn’t worth putting so much work in a secondary character. A lot of work was also put in her AI to make her stand out and not just be a normal lifeless companion but instead one that the player could interact with and form a bond with.

Nick Valentine – Fallout 4

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The Synth detective is one of the most memorable characters of the latest Fallout game. He stands out due to his humanoid appearance and robotic voice as well as humor which I am not sure why Bethesda decided to give to him in such large quantity. He is also a far better companion than Dogmeat. And overall he felt as a more interesting character than the customized protagonist we were forced upon in Fallout 4. In my opinion despite the ability to customize your character’s appearance in any way you like it kinda takes away from the storyline as the developers are forced to make it very generic and streamlined on top of the watered down campaign where the main objective was overshadowed by countless side missions as well as building your own outpost town.

Ellie – Last of Us

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Despite Ellie getting a short DLC, she needs a game of her own by far. Despite her character being criticized due to the fault of her AI which would walk straight into booby traps and enemies as if nothing is there without a care in the world. She is a very interesting character and much more imporant than Joel, after all she does contain to the zombie infection spreading around the world. It would be interesting to see the story from her perspective.

Princess Peach – Mario Franchise

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Princess Peach is portrayed as the useless, helpless character in every Mario game ever. However she might actually be better than and more fun to play than Mario. For example in Super Mario Bros 2 you are able to play as four characters and Princess Peach is able to fly for short distances as well as engulf herself in fire ‘rage’ mode.

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