January 12, 2017

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Arkham Knight

Number 10

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The map of Gotham city in Arkham night is 5 times bigger than the first game’s version.

Number 9

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If you’re not careful you may have missed an optional gadget found in Panessa Studios. Hidden in the left-most cell you can find Mr Freeze’s blast grenades.

Number 8

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If you’ve finished the campaign and decide to play it all over again, you’ll find there is an alternate intro that plays, involving the Joker initiating a chilling jumpscare.

Number 7   

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If you use the hacking device on the green terminal in the corner of the clock tower, Batgirl’s costume will be reveal, what a neat little Easter egg.

Number 6

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When dealing with Militia watchtowers, you locate the nearby stairs, aline the batmobile perfectly and use it to propel yourself inside to take care of the sentries with ease.

Number 5

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The Batmobile in Arkham Knight takes up almost as much memory as an entire X-box 360 game. X-Box 360 can handle up to 256 megabites at once, while the batmobile alone takes up 160!

Number 4

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Game development really has come a long way, as shown by the amount of detail put into the Knight’s character. It has the same polygon count as the whole environment from Arkham Asylum.

Number 3

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You may have noticed how great the cape looks in the Arkham Series. This is down to one developer working on over 700 animations for the cape over the course of 2 years. Now that’s commitment.

Number 2

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Arkham Knight wouldn’t quite be the game we know and love if the developers had followed their original plans to make Arkham Asylum a Rhythm Action Game, where the player would have to hit brightly coloured prompt buttons in a particular manner.

Number 1

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By repeatedly throwing freezing grenades whilst perched on a ledge, you are able to glide over the walls of Arkham City and revisit Arkham Asylum, though it’s not quite as attractive as the high resolution area you were designed to be in.

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