January 12, 2017

Top 10 Bloodborne Facts To Make Your Blood Boil

Number 10

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The Hunter’s dream is actually based on an area that exists in the world, called the abandoned workshop.

Number 9

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Insight isn’t always a good thing, in fact, it actually makes the game harder by giving certain enemies buffed weapons, spawning new enemies and decreasing your frenzy resistance. Yikes!

Number 8

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The world record speedrun for the game is 44 minutes, set my Youtuber Oginam_tv, where many of the tricks involved glitches to quicken the job.

Number 7   

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After dumping the Mind of Mensis down a pit, it’s possible to meet up with it in an abyss like area, and even have the ability to communicate and kill it.

Number 6

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Don’t worry if you regret killing the Doll, you’re still able to level up at its corpse, though you might not feel so good about it.

Number 5

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If your beckoning bell resonates with the bell of a hunter from an opposing covenant, you will summoned to your world as a hostile player.

Number 4

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You only need to defeat 7 of the 18 bosses to complete the game. The cleric beast is known to be the game’s first boss, but it’s actually a completely optional fight.

Number 3

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The game director originally worked in the IT industry, before being inspired by a game called Ico, which led him on to creating his own chain of games and the success he brought with it.

Number 2

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On the 1st April last year, Bloodborne managed to top the Japanese sales charts, with 1.25 million being sold in the country.

Number 1

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Any Bloodborne fan who donated blood on the 23rd of March last year, the day before the release, were given a copy of the game as a gift. Pretty great marketing technique if I do say so myself.

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