January 12, 2017

10 Prodigious Diablo 3 Facts

Number 10

Image result for diabloThe action packed, fast tempo game we all know was originally planned to be a turn based game, that’s right, Diablo could’ve turned out like a live action card-game!

Number 9

Image result for diablo 3 gameplayThere are 2 secret mini dungeons known as The Development Hall and the Quality Well where zombies named after the development team and quality assurance team can be found. But don’t expect to see this any time soon, the entrance only has a 1% chance of spawning on higher difficulties.

Number 8

Image result for diablo 3 gameplayDiablo 3 has sold astonishing 7,850,000 copies of the game last year, racking up a total of $572,000,000. That’s more money than all of the versions before it put together.

Number 7

Image result for diablo 3 gameplayA new level has been added exclusively for this month in honor of Kevin Griffith, a Blizzard developer who died in 2014. The level involves cows called infernal bovines, and will sadly be removed at the end of the month.

Number 6

Image result for diablo 3 gameplayIf you ever thought you took games too far, you’re probably not as bad as this guy. A gamer called Jimmy Pike contacted Blizzard support about missing funds from the Real-Money auction house. After getting no response from the team, he decided to take his case to the FBI.

Number 5

Image result for diablo 3 gameplayBlizzard sued the creators of Demonbuddy, a popular bot service, for up to $10,000,000. Wise decision Blizzard.

Number 4

Image result for diablo 3 gameplayAlmost 20 years after its release, believe it or not, you can still play Diablo Online and play like the old days, making it one of the longest supported online games ever.

Number 3

Image result for diablo 3 gameplayChina have a system of approving games before they can be sold in the country, Diablo 3 managed to bypass the system by selling the game under the name ‘Big Pineapple 3’. I think I prefer its original title.

Number 2

Image result for diablo 3 gameplayGaining 1000 Paragon levels in Diablo 3 isn’t easy, but somehow, Ukranian player, Nokieka, has manage to destroy this feat by doing it in hardcore mode, and is the first player in the world to achieve it.

Number 1

Image result for diablo 3 gameplayAn 18 year old took it to the extreme when he failed to eat or sleep during a 40 hour Diablo 3 marathon, which eventually had fatal consequences.

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