January 12, 2017

10 Fascinating Fallout 4 Facts

Number 10

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The highly anticipated game sold 2 million copies in the first 3 days after official release.

Number 9

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Feel like you need a bit more Fallout in your everyday life? You can download an app on your apple watch which allows you to change your screensaver to look just like the pip-boy.

Number 8

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Statistics have shown that 15% of players haven’t even exited the first vault, leaving only 85% to actually utilize the game.

Number 7   

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The Vault-Tec calendars have real life phone numbers on them, don’t get your hopes up, though, you’ll be entered into a queue of thousands of people with six figure hour waiting times.

Number 6

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A sneaky player called Kyle Hinckley managed to find a way to complete the entire campaign… without killing anyone. The whole run was recorded on video.

Number 5

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The world record speedrun of the campaign was set by ‘JshaKhajiit’ in a time of 56 minutes and 4 seconds, almost as much time as it takes for me to get out of bed.

Number 4

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Bethesda set out to take out cheats from the game in a recent patch. However, the aftermath of the patch created a new cheat which allows players to duplicate items using our beloved Dogmeat.

Number 3

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The character Codsworth can say up to 924 different player names, some more explicit than others. If you’re on the list, you may find the robot butler calling your name verbally.

Number 2

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One of the developers of the game played 400 hours of the game before official release and claimed he still hadn’t seen everything Fallout 4 had to offer.

Number 1

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The Fallout 4 team started developing the game back in 2010, and those 5 years paid off with $750,000,000 flowing in after the first 24 hours of release.


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