January 12, 2017

10 Mind-blowing Minecraft Facts

Number 10

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Believe it or not, the iconic creeper figure that’s been around since Minecraft’s early days was actually created by accident! When developer Markus Notch tried to code a pig, a strange, tall, four legged creature appeared, which became the game’s most beloved mob.

Number 9

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The number 1 most viewed gaming video is ‘Revenge’, a Minecraft song parody of ‘DJ got us falling in Loving again’. The video has raked in over 160 million views, and had to completely remade due to copyright issues.

Number 8

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The supposedly infinite world generation only applies to a point. After travelling 30 million blocks in a specific direction, you will arrive at a glitchy and unplayable part of the world… And no, it’s not called North Korea.

Number 7   

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Redstone genius and Minecraft youtuber ‘Sethbling’ managed to create an interactive programming language inside the game itself! Features such as a programmable mining turtle were showcased to prove its capabilities.

Number 6

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For April Fools Day 2014, the game decided replace all the sounds in the game with the voice of a villager. In fact, when you started up the game, you received a full rendition of the Game of Thrones theme tune from a villager choir.

Number 5

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The creator of Minecraft sold the entire company to Microsoft back in 2014 for 2.5 billion dollars, he then decided to spend the money on a house in Hollywood that Jay-Z and Beyonce were planning to buy. Early bird catches the worm.

Number 4

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Minecraft has accumulated over 80 million worldwide sales across all platforms, and has become Xbox Live’s most popular game.

Number 3

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Turkey has decided to ban Minecraft after an investigation claimed that the multiplayer option led to online bullying

Number 2

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In 2014, the Danish Government used algorithms to recreate their entire country on a 1 to 1 scale within the game. It only took a few days before American hackers accessed the world and blew it to bits with TNT, leaving US flags behind on the destruction.

Number 1

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While Turkey discourages Minecraft, Sweden is implementing it into education, with some schools declaring Minecraft as a compulsory subject. As weird and wonderful as it sounds, Sweden believes that playing the game raises awareness of environmental issues, city design, and the importance of planning ahead.



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